Reset gmail password

Reset Gmail Password Support

Gmail is undoubtedly one of the most used email services in the world. And it is that the free service of Google offers the possibility of having an email account with enough capacity and a tool to manage our inbox quite complete both from the browser and with its application on the mobile, reset Gmail password support. However, as in any other service that requires identification, we may forget the access password, so we are going to show next how we can reset Gmail password support if we have forgotten it or if it has been stolen.


Retrieve your Gmail password and access your account by following these steps:


The first thing we have to do in this case to recover the Gmail password is to go to the Gmail homepage and click on the option Have you reset Gmail password support? . This automatically redirects us to a new Google help page where we must write the last password we remember.

Once this is done, click Next and an email will automatically be sent to us with a code to the secondary email address that we have established in the configuration of our Gmail account or a message or call to our mobile phone if we have this option configured.

In the case of receiving the email, we will see how we are given a 6-digit code that will allow us to identify ourselves as the owners of the account and that will allow us to set a new password to recover access to our Gmail account. In the event that we receive the message on the mobile, we will also receive this 6-digit code that allows us to reset the password and recover access to our Gmail account, reset Gmail password support.


Gmail Customer Service Number

Once we have established the new password and logged in again in Gmail, we can review the recovery information for our account and add a phone number if we have not already done so. If we want to access this information to change the phone number or recovery email address at any other time, we just have to click on the icon of our profile that appears in the top right corner of Gmail and access My Account, reset Gmail password support .

Once there, we go to the Login section and security and click on the option Login to Google , from where we will be able to consult and change the email and recovery phone number of our account, reset Gmail password support . see the devices from those that have been recently accessed and configure the verification in two steps to increase the security of our Google account.