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Call Google To Reset Password


In case you have not registered an alternative email, for the recovery of keys at the time of registration, you will have to follow some steps to restore access to your Google account. You can visit the assists page for call Google to reset password.

Inform the email address> Google will ask you which the last password you remember having used is. If you do not remember> “I do not know”> Google will identify, for example, your Android linked to the account and ask if you want to redefine the key by notification sent to your cell phone , call Google to reset password.


Google Customer Service Number

Verify if the Smartphone identified by the company is the one you currently use and click on “Send notification”. In this way, you will be able to recover the access code to your Google Account.

To avoid risk, you must keep updated the “Password Recovery Options of Google Accounts”. The options are via email or Smartphone.


How to restore a Google Account?

If you deleted your Google Account, but you regretted it, you have a short period of time to restore them and recover your login and access. However it is not always so. Therefore, if you discover that your account was blocked and the options to recover it do not work, call Google to reset password , your last alternative is to fill in a form to reset it: Inform your registration email  the characters of the distorted image> confirm your identity> enter the link to fill in the form.

You can try as many times as you wish, but it is important to send as many information as possible to have a better chance of recovery success. Do not send a new form until you receive answers about the previous shipment, indicating whether or not it was possible to report it, call Google to reset password.

If this is not possible, you must create a new account. However, if you use Gmail it will not be possible to repeat or recover the username previously used. Unhappily, you must create a new user with a different name.

How to exclude a Google Account?

Sign in to My Google Account > ‘Account preferences’> ‘Delete your account or your services’, and choose what you want to do from the list, enter your password and finally confirm.